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9th-Aug-2009 04:37 pm - Today's Inspirational Message
Title: Today's Inspirational Message
Author: dreamer_marie
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars.(Khalil Gibran). Prompt left by onceuponapillow on comment_fic .
Spoilers/Warnings: The entire series.
Words: 1277
Any Author's Notes:
  • Anything goes, really: spelling, grammar, characterization,... I also have a tendency to write something that seems obvious to me, and then later I'm told that the reader doesn't understand what I'm trying to say or that I should expand the paragraph, so if you think I'm too curt or incomprehensible at times, don't hesitate to say so (it will feed my ego, anyway - who doesn't want to be a misundertood genius?).
  • I'm also finding it hard at times to describe how the characters are moving. If you're not sure what they're doing, let me know. Also, please let me know if you know at all times who is talking.
  • I'm European and therefore unsure about ratings. If you don't think PG-13 is the appropriate rating, let me know.
  • Thanks for your attention. I appreciate any comment and I hope the fic is enjoyable.

Hi, you've reached Logan with today's inspirational messageCollapse )
17th-Feb-2008 10:15 pm - Fic: Resolution (Logan/Veronica)
salt marshes
Title: Resolution
Author: Zaftig_darling
Pairing/Character: LoVe (heavy discussion of Logan/Madison, Veronica/Duncan, mention of Veronica/Piz)
Word Count: 3276
Summary: She has to know what happened in order to get past it
Spoilers: All three seasons
Warnings: Graphic discussion of sex
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Veronica Mars. No copyright infringement is intended.

A/N: This is my first attempt at fanfic. I considered posting it to veronicamarsfanfic, but, it's un-betaed, so, I thought it might be better to post it here first to get some feedback.

A/N2: The idea that Veronica might push Logan for specific details about what happened with Madison might be unpleasant for some - all I can say is that the idea came to me and I had to write it

A/N3: I'm having a terrible time figuring out how to do an livejournal cut. The link to the fic should be beind a cut below. I apologize if I have it wrong

( Veronica stared at the clock )
23rd-Jan-2008 08:36 pm - Fic: L/V Untitled
Gaz and Janey's wedding
Title:  TBA                                                                                                                                                     
Princess Orchid (Lucie)                                                                                                                                             
Rating:  Uh, PG.  No one gets it on, but I swear a bit.                                                                          
I do not own the characters of Veronica Mars.  I don’t even own a pony…
Spoilers: Up to 2:17 (Plan B)                                                                                                               
Word Count: 2,442W                                                                                                               

Summary: Characterisation is a real bitch. I was attempting to finish writing the last couple of chapters of my first ever attempt at fic when this little idea came swimming into my brain and decided to Eat It (my brain, that is). So what else could I do? It’s a one-shot, set during 2:17 (Plan B), so I’d say spoilers up to then. Slightly AU from 2:11 (Donut Run).

A/N: Anyone willing to cast an eye over a wee one-shot? It’s set during the Sadie Hawkins Dance in 2:17 (Plan B), going a bit AU from there. Just a little plot idea I had stuck in my head and needed to get out. I was thinking more in terms of characterisation, narrative and flow than spelling and grammar, but if you spot any of those mistakes let me know as well.

Title: As Changeable As The Seasons
Author: HokeySmoke

Fandom: Veronica Mars

Pairing: Logan/Veronica implied
Rating: R

Warning: No dialogue, some language, frequent mentions of sex.
Spoilers: All if it - implied

Summary: They have a pattern.

Word Count: 667

Author’s Notes: An experiment. This came to me early one morning and half of it was written in my head before getting to the computer. This is my first time visiting or posting to this community. Help a sistah out and throw a little constructive criticism my way.

Also, this is the edited version. My thanks to mastermia for the many helpful suggestions. (And hey! I just learned how to link to a member! There may be hope for my old brain yet!)

I kept the 4 week vacation time in. I feel it's a sign of too much disposable income.

25th-Aug-2007 11:14 pm - Fic: Boundless (Logan/Veronica) NC-17
ha ha ha
Title: Boundless
Author: Alice J. Foster (a.k.a. shipperfey)

Fandom: Veronica Mars

Pairing: Logan/Veronica
Rating: NC-17

Warning: Sap alert. What can I say? I’m a sucker for happy endings. Other than that, sexual content, so no kiddies!
Spoilers: Post-series finale.

Summary: Veronica tells her daughter a little truth about relationships.

Word Count: 8,205

Author’s Notes: This is my first Veronica Mars fanfic; I started it soon after the series finale and writer’s block kept me from finishing it until now. All constructive criticism is appreciated.

Boundless - NC-17, Logan/Veronica )
12th-May-2007 06:06 pm - FIC: Unexpected Encounters (Mac/Dick)
ms love umbrella
Title: Unexpected Encounters
Author: vayleen
Character/Pairing: Mac/Dick
Word Count: 2,477
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mac gets dragged to a sorority party and, after a strange chain of events, ends up in the shower with the last person she expected to be with.
Spoilers: Through 3x09 - Spit and Eggs
Warnings: Shower smut, buttsex, definitely a bit of a crack!fic
Disclaimer: I do not own Veronica Mars. She belongs to Rob Thomas and the CW.
Author's Notes: This is my first fic for vm_library for the Birthday Challenge. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

Sorority parties were the nonpareil work of sadistic masterminds.
14th-Apr-2007 12:30 am - Fic: Torn Apart (Logan/Veronica)

Title: Torn Apart 



Character/Pairing: Veronica/Logan, Piz, Parker, Mac, Weevil, Dick, Keith
Rating: R for language
Summary: Logan and Veronica both start dating other people.  Then something happens that could bring them 
closer together or tear them further apart?
Spoilers: up to Episode 3.14 Bars, Mars
Warnings: This is my first fanfiction
Disclaimer: VM is owned by the CW and RT.  
Author Notes:  Veronica Voiceover's are italicized.  As this is my first fanficion, I would appreciate all constructive 
criticism; especially in the areas of grammar, characterization, and lj style.  I don't know if I have completely gotten the lj 
style down right and could use help.   

camera in the fan
Title: Bad Scene and a Basement Show (1/?)
Author: snailey
Characters/Pairings: Logan, Veronica, Keith, Wallace, Original Characters (Veronica/OC)
Rating: R; drug use, violence, adult language and dark themes.
Summary: 'There were those that got involved, but then there were those that got caught up, denying any connection to the person they became. Eyes fixated on the trembling of her brittle hands, Logan had a horrible feeling Veronica was in denial.'
Spoilers: Nothing specific so far, but to be safe up until 3x15. Future-fic.
Warnings: This is dark and a future-fic, so characterisation is not spot-on.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothin’. Title is taken from Less Than Jake. The quote(s) belong to Humphrey Bogart and whoever wrote/owns the movie ‘Casablanca’. And most obviously the Veronica Mars characters are not mine, but the OCs are.
Author's Note: This is my first attempt at fan fiction. I hope that fact doesn't turn people away. All forms of constructive criticism welcome/begged for. Each chapter will be either from Logan or Veronica's POV.

There were those that got involved, but then there were those that got caught up, denying any connection to the person they became. Eyes fixated on the trembling of her brittle hands, Logan had a horrible feeling Veronica was in denial.Collapse )
31st-Mar-2007 01:02 pm - Pop Goes the Weevil 1/3 (L/V, R)
Title: Pop Goes the Weevil.
Author: ziebra

Characters/ Pairing: Weevil, Veronica, Logan; mentions of Hannah, Lilly and the Felix murder investigation, Logan/Veronica
Word Count: +/-1000
Rating: R this part
Summary: Logan and Veronica fuck. Three people get off. Three times.
Spoilers: AU after 2.13 "Ain't no Magic Mountain High Enough."
Disclaimer: Rob owns all.

A/N: My first ever, be nice. Written for the vm_library Someone's Watching Smutathon. Just a start......still writting....need feedback....Prequel (more) to follow

Logan sat up and then, with a gasp that escaped all three sets of lips, he was on top of her.Collapse )
Over The Sea To Skye
Title: Kindness Of Strangers (working title for this fic, this is going to be part of a much longer series, which is still untitled)
Author: ashleigh (leobrat)
Pairing/Character: Veronica/Billy Riggins (Friday Night Lights)
Rating: pg-13, for use of the f-word
Summary: Prologue to a longer fic putting Veronica into the FNL universe
Spoilers/Warnings: set post Not Pictured, and around the same chronological time in the FNL-verse, so June 2006 would make it pre-series.
A/N: Far more long-winded explanation than I originally intendedCollapse ) Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this.

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more...Collapse )
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