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Veronica Mars Beta Community

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This community was created as a haven for those who wish to give an receive constructive criticism on Veronica Mars-based fanfics.

The Rules
ONE - If you post to this community asking, you will receive constructive criticism. This means that the responses to your post(s) will not be all hearts and flowers and "more soon, plz!" We are here to help you improve your writing, not to provide an ego boost. More information on constructive criticism and why it's important (and how it differs from flaming) can be found here and here.

TWO - Please feel free to provide an LJ link to any fanfics you write in response to challenges posted here in the challenge thread. However, if you do provide your link, you likely will receive constructive comments in the fic thread.

THREE - No flaming. We are here to provide constructive feedback. Any complaints can be directed to mousebumples [at] gmail.com.

FOUR - All posts made by members should include fanfic, and any posts made that do not include fanfic will be deleted by the moderators. However, please limit the frequency of these posts to 3 per month. If you're looking for opinions on all of your pieces, you may want to consider finding a beta. (Willing-to-Beta thread and Wanting-a-Beta thread)

FIVE - The subject line of all fanfic posts should be formatted as follows.

Subject: FIC (or FICLET): Title (Character/Pairing)

SIX - The body of all fanfic posts should include the following information:
Any Author's Notes:

Feel free to specify what help you were looking for in your author's notes, although readers should feel free to comment on any and all portions of the piece that catch their eye.

Please follow this information by placing your fanfic behind an LJ-cut or else linking to another LJ entry that contains the fanfic. Posts without LJ-cuts or links to non-LJ websites will be deleted.

Welcome to vm_betas, and be sure to check out vm_ficresource for articles on how fanfic writing if you haven't already. We are also affiliated with fic_from_mars, a fanfiction community that encourages and welcomes constructive feedback for all pieces posted there.

Your moderators,
dudski, herowlness, hillaryr, mastermia, onastick, sarah_p

Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact mousebumples [at] gmail.com.