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Pop Goes the Weevil 1/3 (L/V, R) 
31st-Mar-2007 01:02 pm
Title: Pop Goes the Weevil.
Author: ziebra

Characters/ Pairing: Weevil, Veronica, Logan; mentions of Hannah, Lilly and the Felix murder investigation, Logan/Veronica
Word Count: +/-1000
Rating: R this part
Summary: Logan and Veronica fuck. Three people get off. Three times.
Spoilers: AU after 2.13 "Ain't no Magic Mountain High Enough."
Disclaimer: Rob owns all.

A/N: My first ever, be nice. Written for the vm_library Someone's Watching Smutathon. Just a start......still writting....need feedback....Prequel (more) to follow


As he walked up to the Presidential Suite, Weevil was conflicted. He had no idea how his new Impala had steered its way over to The Grand, or why he had checked three times to see if he was being followed; watched. As if that even mattered anymore. But he had to. The feeling in his gut was too much. He had to come clean; tell Logan what he knew. After all, they had been in this together, right? He couldn't let Thumper think he'd gotten away with it. This is for Felix, Man. Felix. He bucked up and sauntered on.

He raised his fist to bang on the door when he noticed the brass latch in between the door and the frame. Stupid rich boy, left the door open. Weevil smiled at this new opportunity. Should he go in, or bang out there from the hallway? He got his answer in the soft moans he heard emanating from behind the door. What the-? Before he knew it, Weevil was inside creeping along the orange lit wall, the door softly catching on the latch behind him.

He made his way into the suite and the source of the moans soon became clear. He saw two forms moving, lit within the translucent walls of Logan's room. Man this kid gets a lot of play. He avoided the open doorway as he went through a mental list of possibilities. Half a dozen '09er sluts were just salivating to get into Echolls' bed. But then he remembered that blonde sophomore chick; he had seen them at the carnival together. When he found out she was the daughter of the Fitspatrick frontman, Weevil had to give Logan credit. He had balls; seducing a young girl just to get to her father. But then again-he was facing a murder sentence. Felix. And wasn't that why Weevil was here? Wasn't it his fault Logan was even in this mess to begin with? Thoughts of that night came back to him- What had happened? How did it go down? -they both needed answers.

The escalating noises brought Weevil back to the scene in front of him. The girl's breathing was increasing in tempo, her voice in mumbled pleas for him to go on. Man, he's really giving it to her, little thing like that, you'd think it wouldn't take much. Weevil tried to make out the shadowy forms. The larger of the two, Logan, was hunched down on his knees in the center of the bed, head tilting upwards every now and then to look at the body sprawled out before him. He must have been getting her closer because the soft cries grew louder and more urgent until in a high pitched moan that should only have been audible by Neptune's K-9 population, she screamed his name, "Logan!"

And wouldn't stop.


Man, he had her going. Weevil almost felt sorry for the kid, she didn't know what she was in for. The shape of Logan sat up and then with a gasp that escaped all three sets of lips, he was on top of her. Inside her. Weevil couldn't help getting excited, jealous even, knowing what pleasure was coursing through Logan's body now. He was moving in deep, succinct strokes, not the kind you'd think this mercy fuck would induce. In fact, the low, guttural cries from Logan now jarred his perverted mind from the vision he was desperately trying to bring around. Could Logan really be falling for this chick?

He watched as Logan's pace quickened slightly, his pleasure drowning deep down in his own throat. This wasn't just fucking. And then Weevil was jealous. When had he last experienced sex like this? Who was the last girl that he gave a shit about, that had made him moan that way? Was it Lilly? Had Lilly fucked up Logan as much as she had him?

As if her name, spoken in Weevil's mind, had traveled to his ear, Logan began to stiffen and give short, stuttered cries. Jesus! He wasn't holding back now. Weevil's mind was realing. How had Logan fallen for this chick so soon? For all Weevil knew, he had never really gotten over, and was still pathetically attached to-



"Veronica," Logan called out again. "Fuck."

Weevil rushed to the side of the open doorway, he had to see, and peaked around the corner.

Veronica Mars was lying atop the plush pillows, Logan cradled in her thighs, neck arching up past his shoulder to meet his thrusts. Weevil swallowed hard. Her hands swept his back as she whispered into his ear, eyes closed. She was beautiful. Logan was still chanting her name, only softer now. His right hand balanced his weight on the bed, while the other- well, given the short gasps Veronica had started to make, Weevil had a good idea where his other hand was. Fuck me. Speaking of hands, Weevil's own grasped the door frame, a little too tight. He shifted his leg to the other side of the doorway, barely entering the room. His growing erection was becoming a little too hard to ignore, and he began thrusting slightly against the frame, holding his breath to keep his presence hidden. Oh fuck, I'm going to hell! Eyes never leaving the rocking of their hips, he mimicked Logan's rhythm and was soon on his way to bliss when Veronica's voice broke the silence. She screamed his name in a pitch that had been proven earlier only to be possible mid-orgasm.



One hour earlier....

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1st-Apr-2007 09:21 am (UTC)
Thanks! Will do.
1st-Apr-2007 06:28 pm (UTC) - beta-ing...
hey, I honestly don't think I'm going to be able to post this in time for the challenge deadline, but I would like to still continue to work on it, and just post it normally.... So, as soon as I have it all together and am comfortible with it, I will send it your way. Again, thanks for the beta offer! I really enjoy reading what you have to say to everyone else!

1st-Apr-2007 08:11 pm (UTC) - Re: beta-ing...
Sounds good..and lack of a challenge deadline makes it easier for me as well! Hee. Just send it when you're ready! :)
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